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Lingual Orthodontics

Lingual Orthodontics is the technique that uses braces bonded at the lingual surface of the teeth. This method with the "invisible" appliances was first introduced in the U.S. in the beginning of the 70s and has been evolving since then. Nowdays, this technique is being applied in Greece by specialized Orthodontists.
This method demands the involvement of special dental laboratories, in order to achieve the ideal placement of the brackets on the teeth. Almost every orthodontic problem can be treated with this technique. The biggest advantage of lingual braces is that they are invisible. Disadvantages could be the following: a) the patient has to be cooperative and aware of the peculiarity of the treatment method, b) excellent hygiene is necessary and c) discomfort and speech difficulties are possible for the first 1-2 weeks. This technique is addressed especially to adults and selectively to adolescents.