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GAOSR aims at:
a) The promotion of the research related to the orthodontic specialty of Dental science.
b) A better scientific and personal communication between its members.
c) A better scientific up dating of its members, which is realized through the publication and dispatch of a journal entitled "Ελληνικό Περιοδικό Ορθοδοντικής" which in its international relations will be entitled "Greek Journal of Orthodontics" as well as a Bulletin under the title "Ορθοδοντικά Νέα" which in its international relations will be entitled "Greek Orthodontic News"
d) The advancement in general of the orthodontic specialty in Greece by all scientific or other means. Following we indicate only some of these means: congresses, meetings, information of the public opinion, seminars of further education, granting of scholarships, publication of a periodic edition, intervention in the mass media, promotion of the Association's and its members standpoints, opinions and activities through other periodic editions.
e) Representation of the members in Greek of foreign Federations and Associations.

The means by which the Association will seek to fulfill its goals are the following:
a) The creation of a collective consciousness amongst its members showing, moreover, to them the benefits that the collective board of their specialty could have for the development of the Orthodontic Specialty in Greece.
b) The development of tight bonds of friendship, comradeship and scientific collaboration among its members.
c) The frequent meetings of its members for study and exchange of views regarding the arising both Greek and international orthodontic matters.
d) The submission of the pertinent suggestions and petitions to the competent Public Services and Authorities so as the necessary measures can be taken for the protection of the scientific progress of the specialty.
e) The printing of a publication, which will include scientific and other announcements regarding the specialty, as well as other important facts referring to the Orthodontic Specialty in an international level.
f) The joint effort of the Association and other similar Greek and foreign scientific groups or societies for the improvement of the means and application methods of the Orthodontic treatment.
g) Whichever other appropriate and legal means that the Association's administration may find suitable for the realization of its goals.